Monday, January 23, 2006

"Electromechanical Materials and Devices" Mini-Symposium, The 5th International Forum on Advanced Material Science and Technology (IFAMST-5)

the Symposium on Electromechanical Materials and Devices of IFAMST-5 to be held in the historical city of Xiangtan (June 11-14, 2006) and the beautiful mountain resort of Zhangjiajie (June 14-17, 2006). Conference information can be found at

The symposium focuses on electromechanical materials and devices. Papers are solicited on but not limited to the following topics:

§ Smart materials including piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, and shape memory alloys
§ Material modeling, design and processing
§ Bulk and surface acoustic wave devices, and acoustic wave sensors
§ Resonators for biosensors and chemical sensors
§ Mechanics for structural and device modeling and design
§ Micro- and nanomechanics, and multi-scale models of multifunctional materials
§ Multifunctional composite materials for electromechanical transducers
§ Transducers for biomedical applications
§ Piezoelectric actuators, sensors, and transformers
§ Modeling of transducers
§ Electroactive polymers and ionic gels; Mechanics of electroactive polymers and bioactive materials
§ Design and engineering of electomechanical actuators and sensors and the their integration into devices
§ Nonlinear control algorithms for electomechanical devices and their implementation in software and hardware
§ Manufacturing technologies for electromechanical materials and devices
§ Methods of measurement, testing and characterization for electromechanical materials and devices
§ Multi-functional composite materials, nano-constituent composite materials; bio-functional materials and structures; shape-memory alloys (SMAs), porous SMAs; magnetic shape-memory alloys (MSMAs)
§ Single crystal and polycrystalline ferroelectrics and magnetostrictives
§ High-temperature ferroelectrics and electrostrictives
§ Thin-film active materials for structural applications (e.g. flow control)

The deadline for abstract submission is Jan 31, 2006.

Professor Qing-Ming Wang, University of Pittsburgh,
Professor Jiashi Yang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
Professor Ji Wang, Ningbo University,


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